Von Piglet Productions

Fabulous storytelling faster than you can say "OINK"
As a small boutique film production company, Von Piglet's work needed to speak for them. This media rich website communicates the breadth of their work and their unique personality.

From the moment you arrive, the site communicates Von Piglet's unique style. From the neon menus to the old school television, you are immediately immersed in the world of Von Piglet. You have arrived at your own private viewing room complete with textured velvet wallpaper. The site acts as a visual resume of Von Piglet's storied body of work.

  • Watch their videos
  • Review major projects
  • Get to know the Piglets
  • Contact Von Piglet
  • Buy Merchandise (Coming Soon)

There is a lot to do on the Von Piglet website. But with smart organization and a simplified menu system, the amount of content is easy to access and avoids being overwhelming to the visitor. 

Proper organization of content allows us to show more without overwhelming the visitor.

Subsections of the site are accessed by charmingly designed antique frames that arrange themselves in the proper manner depending on whether the viewer's screen is a desktop/laptop or a mobile device of varying resolutions and formats. Each page includes a lively footer image that communicates the fun and delightful attitude of Von Piglet


By designing a warm and inviting website, visitors stay longer and explore the content more deeply.

The site features a fully responsive design that is optimized for various screen sizes and resolutions. There are no second class visitors to the Von Piglet website. All of the content is available no matter what screen it is being viewed on.

A fully responsive design ensures that visitors can access the content, in its most optimized form, from any device.


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