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By focusing on the most important actions we want visitors to take, the website functions properly. It makes your business money.

If your website isn’t making your business money, it isn’t working as intended. Clear calls to action provide your visitors easy ways to interact with your business. By providing an easy to use website, you will start to convert visitors in to customers by allowing them to:

  • Create an initial contact
  • Get more information
  • Create a discussion
  • Make an appointment
  • Buy your products and services

By creating your site with the end goals in mind, we can guide your visitors toward those goals and increase your overall productivity. All of which results in a website that is making your business money instead of leaving it on the table.

The goal of your website is to produce results for your customers and your business. By providing an easy way to find and acquire your services, your customers win and so does your business.

A focus on functionality that starts with mobile in mind is vital to the success of your business website. The web has been trending toward mobile slowly since 2009. It reached a tipping point around 2017. And as this change has been taking place, the search engines have changed their requirements for site rank leaning very heavily on how well mobile optimization is implemented.

Third Hatch provides a full mobile optimization of all web site content and functionality. This is one of the main differences between us and our competitors and why our websites consistently perform better in nearly every measurable way. We have spent many years improving our automotive websites to be the most effective and competitive sites available.

With all of our optimizations over the years we have achieved amazing results for our automotive partners. We have seen as much as a 550% improvement for those who have switched to our services.
Optimization for all screens is not just important, it ensures that you aren't leaving potential visitors in the dust. If they can't see your site, you can't make any impression.


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