Data driven optimizations help us deliver peak performing websites both in terms of technical performance as well as business goals.

The typical "launch it and leave it" approach to web design will result in only temporary gains from your web design budget. Developing your site with ongoing customer engagement and continuous improvements ensures that your web presence performs well. A truly successful website is usually the result of many small changes over time rather than a small number of large changes. The problem with large changes is that they can easily miss their targeted results and waste a huge amount of budget for very little results. By focusing on many smaller changes, your company can insulate itself from budget waste by targeting smaller and more effective changes that result in better customer conversion.

Measurement and data collection is the most important starting point from delivering on your performance goals. If you don't know who your customers are, what they want, and how you can delivery that, all you can do is make blind decisions that may not result in better performance and customer conversion. So, we start by implementing data collection and methods to measure not only technical performance, but the ability to perform vital business functions the site was designed to accomplish. These measurements allow us to see what can be improved and what can be added to make a difference in a short amount of time. Taking these small steps, one at a time, leads to the ultimate success of the website over time. 

Some areas we like to measure on a regular basis are site speed (page load times), ongoing numbers of visitors (month by month analytics), campaign conversion rates (effectiveness of content and communications), and customer satisfaction (periodic surveying and customer interviews).


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