To be effective, we abandon the old design paradigm of "launch it and leave it" in favor of an ongoing improvement development  cycle.

Design should never be the first step in building a website. First, we require data about some very important aspects of your business. By examining how customers are currently interacting with your website, we can start to see some ways to improve the user experience. Combining this with some customer interviews or user experience testing we can start to see ways the the current site is failing your visitors and implement methods to address these concerns. Further data collection by surveying your customers and visitors can identify things not currently being done that will result in your website being more useful and effective for your user base.

Once we have collected the data, we can identify a strategy to quickly build a website that is better than what you have, but that will be continually improved upon to better serve your visitors. This is when the design phase truly begins. We build a launch-pad website that is equipped with data collection tools that will help us continually improve the technical functionality and feedback tools to help us identify ways we can expand or improve website functionality or content to better serve your visitors and ultimately convert them in to customers.

But we don't stop there. We constantly review the data we are collecting to find new ways and design new features to address the changing needs of your visitors and customers.



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