Meeting your visitors where they are on "the customer journey" allows you to address their questions or concerns at each stage on the path to conversion.

But this doesn't happen without some planning and research. First, we need to identify who your customers are. Second, we need to identify each stage of the conversion process for this type of customer. Third, we design messaging and content for each of these stages to help the customer along the path to choosing your products or services to serve their needs.

By planning out each type of customer and each stage of their journey, we can design the content they will need to answer the questions they have about your product or service. Answering these questions helps to move their journey forward to the next stage. If we are designing content properly, there should be something for them at this stage to continue moving them forward until they are ready to subscribe or purchase (convert to) your products or services.

Content can take many forms. It is more than just marketing materials or product specifications. It can be periodic newsletters, social media posts and interactions, blog posts, service page materials, and much more. But without the vital step of identifying your customers, we would have nowhere to start when designing your content strategy.



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