The work of a visionary put in to practice.
Knowing what you want to communicate is the first step, the rest of the work supports that communication.

Arthur Rubinfeld is a visionary in his field. He led the team that brought Starbucks from a fledgling group of coffee shops to the global purveyor of fine coffee and tea beverages that we all know today. His company, AIRVISION, is instrumental in giving life to many well known brands. Telling that story was a unique challenge that involved close collaboration and deep assimilation of Arthur's body of work.  

  • Summary front page
  • Sliding portfolio
  • Service summary page
  • Biography page
  • Book promotion

AIRVISION's work encompasses many high profile companies. We designed a summary portfolio for the front page that highlights some of the most recognizable work. This site module links to the individual work pages in the portfolio, giving an easy entry AIRVISION's body of work. The portfolio features a sliding interface with individual links at the bottom of the content to navigate to additional pages.

The "What We Do" page features an in-depth list of services that AIRVISION provides to their clients. The biography page covers details of Arthur Rubinfeld's experience and skills featuring info and a link to the "Built For Growth" page, dedicated to Rubinfeld's book on the subject of succeeding in the retail space.

Giving your visitors what they need, when they need it, results in better communications and more opportunities to serve their needs.

AIRVISION is a very content rich website, but by effectively using layout and images, the website communicates its message without looking or reading like a scientific paper.

On a desktop view screen the menu system transitions upon scrolling to a floating entity to provide easy navigation no matter where the visitor finds themselves on the site. The mobile view screen provides a pop-open menu that hovers at the top of the screen at all times.

We maintain the energy of the site by incorporating sectional transitions. We are able to make the pieces of the site come alive as they transition in to the viewers screen.

By providing active transitions, we keep the site feeling lively on even the pages with the most dense content.

Estimates say that since 2017 over 50% of browsing takes place on mobile devices. Without a responsive framework that optimizes content for any browsing device, AIRVISION's message could be missing more than half of their potential viewers.

All content is optimized for the device the visitor chooses to use. With over 50% of browsing taking place on mobile devices, this ensures everyone has access to AIRVISION's content.


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